Implement a Trade Promotion Management Tool in 4 Months

Trade Promotion Management for Information Technology

Time-Saving Technology

CPGToolBox Trade Planner is easy to implement, easy-to-use and easy to maintain. It’s a CIO’s dream tool! Our Trade Promotion Management solution uses a cloud-based infrastructure and architecture built on the platform, which means implementation takes place in months, not years.


No onsite or offsite servers


No software maintenance or complicated upgrades


No waiting for data to upload/download


No dedicated IT team required for laborious software installations

reduction in total cost of ownership when a cloud solution is chosen over on-premise.

Simple Integration

Our solution seamlessly integrates into your existing ERP system using cloud friendly, middleware tools or a simple CSV data integration approach.
Unlike on-premise enterprise solutions, API’s will never break with system or application upgrades. The application is always running on the latest
version with a quick five-minute upgrade, putting you in control of what functionality is updated and when.

Secure. Scalable. Speed.

CPGToolBox TradePlanner is tightly secured, extremely flexible and lightning fast. Our solution can accommodate CPG companies of all sizes and an unlimited number of users due to its agile, cloud-based infrastructure.

CPGToolBox is SSAE SOC 1 certified, so you know your company’s data is safe. We are committed to creating and maintaining stringent controls to assure the highest security.

With CPGToolBox, you get IT assurance, compliance and peace of mind.

Total Cost of Ownership Is a Fraction of On-Premise Solutions

Don’t resort to antiquated systems and expensive software to solve out-of-control trade spending.