View Forecasts, Promotions and Revenue in One Platform

Trade Promotion Management for Finance

Instant Views into Trade Spending

CPGToolBox Trade Planner gives your finance team a centralized tool to monitor trade spending, validate deductions, defend against post-audits and proactively track sales revenue. Our platform is the answer to the slow moving, manual process of gathering and assembling spreadsheets. Access spending forecasts, identify volume increases or track month-to-month revenue and spending faster than ever.

Is Your Company Turning a Profit?

Without the right tools and metrics, it’s impossible for a CFO to identify the true cost of volume increases or track the long term effects of promotions.

Trade Planner offers visual reports and easy-to-read dashboards to:


Measure promotion success by lift and profitability


Quickly view profitability by broker, territory, account and product level


Analyze critical financial metrics impacting the bottom line

of deduction requests are invalid or preventable in some way.

CPGToolBox Trade Planner is as Easy-to-Use as Excel, plus it offers:

Real-time insight into trade spending

Access to trade spending liabilities before they happen


Notification if deductions are valid

Insights on how and why trade dollars are being spent

Defense against post-audits


Fast, relevant financial information at your fingertips

Got Deductions?

Deductions are a necessary evil in the CPG business. Trade spending typically ranks second only to the cost of goods sold (COGS), so your finance organization needs regular and reliable reporting to ensure funds have been allocated to cover incoming deductions. Improve your deduction management process and improve speed to cash!

The CPGToolBox Trade Planner provides:


Electronic approval processes from start to finish


Electronic file management for each deduction record


Automatic compliance tracking as each deduction goes through the approval path


Manage the deductions and settlements process on one screen

Improve Speed to Cash

Calculate the savings you can achieve by managing deductions with CPGToolBox and Salesforce.

Built-in Trade Fund Reports

Simplify your month-end close report process with one click! Using built-in reporting, you can gain instant insight into all of your G/L accrual liabilities for a given month by SKU, trade spending fund, G/L account code and account. See the balances for each trade fund, or roll up all trade funds to one company number to immediately know how much money has been accrued, how much has been spent and the remaining balance.

Finance teams are the driving force of trade spend effectiveness.