Optimize Insights to Achieve Revenue Growth

Trade Promotion Management for the C-Suite

Promotion Effectiveness Drives Revenue Growth

How can you increase top line sales and bottom line profits? CPGToolBox Trade Planner empowers your organization to improve trade spend effectiveness and drive profitable revenue growth. Trade Planner takes less time to implement and costs less than comparable Trade Promotion Management solutions.

Game Changer for Change Management

We are not blind to the challenges of change management. CPGToolBox Trade Planner offers full functionality in a simple to understand interface. Your company can learn and fully adopt our trade management solution in no time.

  • Streamlined navigation that is easy-to-use
  • Less click and user-friendly fast tracks training 
  • Superior user experience incites long-term use and reliance

less than cost of on-premise trade promotion management solutions.

Take Control of your Trade Spend

Take control of your trade spend from planning to settlements all within the Trade Planner solution.
Securely access your data on-the-run and in real-time for additional control.

Instant insight into critical business data in a visual and meaningful format
Be in the know and make profitable adjustments before it’s too late
Access easy-to-read reports and relevant dashboards any time and on any mobile device
Compile syndicated, Spin and POS data into one platform for a complete view of your business

Make More Profitable Business Decisions

The C-Suite needs to have a pulse on planned spending and settlements. Trade Planner will arm your team with powerful insights, analytics and profitability metrics so you can make more profitable business decisions. Go from simply selling boxes at any cost to delivering against profit targets!

Access reports and key metrics surrounding planned/actual volume, spending and profitability
Review syndicated data by geography, account or product hierarchy
Identify trends at the macro level and drill down to regions and specific accounts

Trade Planner Has All the Functionality You Need - For Less