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A Smarter, Faster Approach to Trade Planning

Our Trade Promotion Management system is built on the Salesforce platform providing smarter analytics, better data visualization, and faster insights.

Plan Trade Promotions Faster

CPGToolBox Trade Planner is optimized for speed. You can forecast, plan, settle and analyze promotions in less time and without an excessive number of steps, spreadsheets or clicks.

Boost Productivity

Working in CPGToolBox Trade Planner requires minimal effort, so you can boost daily productivity and let Sales focus on selling. Less navigation and a friendly user interface delivers a solution that is easy-to-learn and simply-to-use.

CPGToolBox Trade Planner Delivers:

  • Better reporting tools to visualize your data
  • Accessible data on every screen to reduce toggling
  • Fewer steps and clicks to plan promotions quicker
  • Streamlined navigation that is easier to use and learn
  • More intuitive and more responsive functionality to boost productivity
  • Superior user experience that incites long-term use and reliance

One Platform to Manage Your Entire Business

CPGToolBox Trade Planner solution costs less than comparable solutions but that does not mean you sacrificing insights, features or functionality.

Trade Funds

Your finance team can retire spreadsheets and use Trade Planner to manage the accrual trade funds process automatically. Gain access to real-time fund balances and segment accrual funds that reflect your account structure.


The CPGToolBox Trade Planner solution leverages base volume and lift coefficients to drive more effective forecasting. CPGToolBox provides built-in predictive analytics using your trusted data points.


Trade Planner leverages the power of Salesforce to help your team see critical business data in a visually insightful and eye-opening format. You will be well-informed to make adjustments quicker and with confidence.

Trade Promotions

Trade Planner offers a closed-loop, process-driven approach to manage trade spend activities. Our interactive Promotion Calendar is easy to shrink, stretch and manipulate so events can be created and edited on-the-spot and comprehensive scorecards can be accessed with a quick click.

Deductions and Settlements

Connect your promotional event to the settlement and let Trade Planner do all the heavy lifting!  You can attach critical documents and track settlements throughout the entire approval process.

Problem Solved for Multi-Channel TPx

CPGToolBox empowers Consumer Goods companies to overcome blind spots and gain needed visibility into the entire supply chain. 

Trade Planning in Any Currency

From Euros to Pesos, CPGToolBox fully supports any currency and language to benefit CPG companies operating on a global scale.


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