Faster TPM Has Arrived

The CPGToolBox Trade Planner Lightning Experience is far more than a crisp, new modern interface. Our platform will help you plan and analyze trade promotions easier, faster, and smarter.


productivity uplift with Lightning (Source: Salesforce)

The CPGToolBox Lightning Experience Delivers

Better reporting tools to visualize your data

Streamlined navigation that is easier to use and learn

Accessible data on every screen to reduce toggling

More intuitive and more responsive functionality to boost productivity

Fewer steps and clicks to plan promotions quicker

Superior user experience that incites long-term use and reliance

Improved Planning Calendar

The intuitive planning calendar is more user-friendly and better than ever. You can easily plan, alter, execute, and track events at lightning speed.

  • Review your promotions in a list view or view on an interactive calendar
  • Plan a promotion once and clone it to other dates throughout the year
  • Quickly manage trade events by using drag & drop or shrink/stretch functionality

Boost Your Productivity

Working in the Lightning version of CPGToolBox requires minimal effort, so you can boost daily productivity and let Sales focus on selling. It’s easier than ever to gain insights into the “big picture” when you can:

  • Manage deductions and settlements on one screen
  • View your checkbook balances with a click of the mouse
  • Run auto-settlements and manage exceptions manually

Smarter Features

With less navigation and a more natural process, CPGToolBox Lightning delivers a better user experience. You can forecast, plan, settle and analyze promotions without an excessive number of monotonous steps, spreadsheets or clicks.

Simple to Learn

The simple navigation and intelligent interface makes the CPGToolBox Lightning Experience easier to learn and quicker to adopt. You can fast-track training and onboarding and put the solution to work in no time!

Lightning Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Lightning Experience?

A: Lightning Experience is the name for the new and improved version of It’s the culmination of smarter tools and evolving technologies. Lightning Experience has a modern interface and is optimized for speed.

Q: What is the CPGToolBox Lightning Experience?

A. Trade Planner, the CPGToolBox Trade Promotion Management solution, is built on the platform. It’s been updated to leverage the innovations and business benefits that come with Lightning Experience.

Q: Is the Lightning version really that different from the classic version of CPGToolBox?

A. The new, modern interface is front and center, but the real difference is the user experience. The steps to plan a promotion are more streamlined to provide a simple, natural process. The planning calendar is quicker and easier to use as well. Request a demo and we’ll walk you through all the enhancements!

Q: What are the supported browsers for CPGToolBox Lightning Experience?

A: Lightning Experience is supported with Microsoft Internet Explorer® version 11, Safari® version 8.x on Mac OS X, and the most recent versions of Mozilla Firefox® and Google Chrome™.

Q: What if my team uses CPGToolBox Trade Planner classic?

A: Your CPGToolBox client service manager will be in touch to discuss your options surrounding the new Lightning Experience.

Q: Is there a cost difference between the current CPGToolBox platform and CPGToolBox Lightning?

A: No. Our low-cost, low-risk subscription-based pricing and implementation fees remain intact.

Q: Can I adopt the CPGToolBox Lightning Experience if my company doesn't use any Salesforce products?

A: You bet! Our solution seamlessly integrates with any existing CRM or ERP business system.

Q: Is a free trial available?

A: We are working on it, but in the meantime, simply fill out the form below to see a demo of the better, faster, TPM tool available to the CPG industry.

Want to see CPGToolBox Lightning Experience?

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