To stay ahead, forward-thinking CPG companies are focusing on a new best practice – harnessing layers of real-time data from a tightly-integrated, closed-loop platform to win at the shelf more consistently. With consumers calling the shots and data serving as the new currency, CPG brands are willing to go through a top-to-bottom business transformation to stay relevant (and profitable.)

One of the biggest changes taking shape revolves around trade promotions and how those events are executed and managed.  You see, this transformational period has CPGs working to elevate and personalize the overall brand experience, and that includes how resellers, distributors, and retailers deliver and execute promotions to the consumer.

When data is scattered across ERP systems, CRM tools and static spreadsheets, it’s impossible to get a clear picture about your business, let alone your customer.  The recent partnership between CPGToolBox and PolSource, both ISV partners of, offers CPGs a way to pull data together and better manage the millions of dollars earmarked annually for trade promotions.

The trifecta of, CPGToolBox, and PolSource lets CPGs pull more data together in one place. The benefits of this closed-loop system built around enables CPGs to tap into its world-class, international ecosystem: the renowned CRM system; the Community Cloud to develop meaningful and data rich relationships with resellers; Einstein to leverage AI and machine learning; and PolSource to capture real-time field sales that can be fed into CPGToolBox to analyze trade spend.

By connecting data sources, a wealth of insights can be leveraged to influence every consumer and create smarter transactions with every retailer.  For example, TPM processes for global brands are disparate across every region. Local teams are using local systems; and it’s a challenge to bring all the data together, analyze it quickly, and know with confidence what is working (or not) and why. Without the right tools in place, course corrections are often difficult and expensive.

CPGs that are successful at bringing their business data full circle with a seamlessly integrated system will be handsomely rewarded with real-time, fact-based insights that generate highly-profitable advantages with both retailers and consumers.

Meet our newest partner: PolSource is a long-time partner speeding the change of transformation for consumer brands such as Anheuser-Busch, Nike, and The company serves clients in both the USA and Europe and implements projects throughout APAC. With a core focus on the CPG vertical, the collaborative partnership with CPGToolBox and its cloud-based TPM solution expands Polsource’s current offering, which includes Contract Management, Supplier Management, and Field Sales/Service/CPQ execution.

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