Solution Oriented and User Centric

CPGToolBox was created by CPG executives, not tech guys.

The user experience should be fast, simple, and easy on the eyes.

We believe a Trade Spend Management solution should increase productivity and generate better insights.


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No visibility into sales, spend or ROI

Match and tie data to events using the CPGToolBox Score Card and our interactive Gannt Chart

TPM solutions are hard to learn and use

Our GPS for TPM guides users through workflows so learning is easy and adoption is quicker

Validating deductions with Sales is manual & time consuming

Tie deductions to every event using our Checkbook and automated Settlements workflow with approvals

Reporting is manual & time consuming

CPGToolBox’s automated reports and visual dashboards provide real-time insights with a few clicks

Identifying gaps and blind spots

View top down and bottom up plans using our Target Management functionality

Data is unreliable and scattered across multiple spreadsheets

With all data residing in the Salesforce Cloud, data is in one place and accessible 24/7.  CPGToolBox seamlessly integrates to your company’s ERP, CRM, or BI system, reducing human error and manual spreadsheet formulas.

We Want to Make Your Job Easier

CPGToolBox offers all the required functionality and business intelligence plus, speed, ease of use, scalability, and cost savings. You will invest less yet gain more of the insights required to perform stronger and generate bigger profits.

The visibility and personal ownership that comes from CPGToolBox Trade Planner has empowered everyone in the company with the most up-to-date information to make confident judgments and assertions.

Industry Experts

Tap into over 150 years of TPM, FMCG and CPG experience

Forward Thinking

Our goal is to stay one step ahead of evolving technologies to offer you future capabilities today

Problem Solvers

Troubleshooting, consulting and helpful advice is part of being a good partner to our clients

Customer Centric

You have direct access and face time with our CEO

We want to be more than your TPM solution provider…We want to be your partner.