Empower Sales to Manage Accounts – Not Spreadsheets

Trade Promotion Management for Sales

Drive Profitable Promotions

Ask any VP of Sales their biggest business challenge and promotion effectiveness is usually at the top of the list. CPGToolBox Trade Planner will enable your Sales team to concentrate on selling profitable promotions instead of wasting time manipulating data in static spreadsheets. According to Gartner, there is a definite momentum and preference for cloud-based trade promotion solutions and there is no reason to continue with spreadsheets. Here’s how spreadsheets are falling short:

No reports or dashboards to see performance of every promotion

No approval process to ensure deductions don’t slip through the cracks

No real-time data to utilize with customers  

of CPG companies still use spreadsheets to manage trade spend.

Easy Planning. Eye Opening Insights.

Sales Planning is less stressful and more productive with CPGToolBox Trade Planner. Build and manage your forecast/AOP process with just a few clicks. With our cloning functionality, starting from scratch each year to rebuild plans will be a thing of the past!  Sales will have the tools to respond quickly and confidently to senior management requests on any metric and at any level of the business.

View visual reports and dynamic dashboards with real-time data
Quickly monitor promotions and actual results on-the-go from any web enabled device
See syndicated POS sales data in the same report as shipment data
Access critical business insights and customer history to generate stronger promotions

Sales Fly High in the Cloud

Moving Trade Promotion Management to the cloud will empower Sales to:


Monitor sales and promotion activity through the entire process of planning, approvals, retailer acceptance and post analysis


Ensure promotions are driving profitable volume


Track sales and spending against forecasts to ensure business objectives are on track


Real time insights on planned vs. actual volume, spending and profitability


Quickly build reports and dashboards in a format that are meaningful to customers and every level of the organization

Better Business Intelligence & Analytics

CPGToolBox Trade Planner helps Sales build smarter promotions. Our solution enables sales to track promotions more diligently to identify gaps and actually see what’s working. The business intelligence and analytics that come from Trade Planner’s forward looking reports will help sales experiment with new promotions based on facts, not guesswork or gut instinct.

Compared to Excel spreadsheets, Trade Planner is more flexible and provides better insights.