Is it that time of year where you get sick?  Sick and frustrated when you begin the planning process for next year’s forecasting and promotional activity.  Do you feel like you are in a planning war zone with 10 excel spreadsheets open and printouts of analytics all over your desk?  This process does not inspire a lot of confidence that things will go easily or well, does it?

Account Managers, Brokers and their teams who support the planning process experience this feeling too often, and the struggle is real.  Compiling data that is outdated and inconsistent in timing and format is so time consuming.  Frankly, Account Managers and Brokers experience difficulty trying to manage all their retailers and outlining a quality plan for each of them.

Picture this…a clean desk and only one application open on your computer screen to work from.  What if you had all the necessary information on a single screen providing actionable insights so your Account Manager and Brokers could plan insight-driven events quickly and in a simple to use format?

How about we give that transparency to the rest of your organization as well. The bosses can stop asking for daily updates or requesting a customer report you simply don’t have time to complete.

CPGToolBox knows where you are and how you can put the planning nightmare behind you.  Our based application is lightning fast and easy to learn. We keep the planning process simple and straight forward. You gain visibility and our tool does all the hard work.

Check us out and setup a quick demo so we can help you improve your Trade Management processes.

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