Consumers are buying differently.

It’s time to manage your trade promotions differently.

Finally, Flow and Functionality

CPGToolBox Trade Planner TPM empowers CPG companies with the tools to successfully (and affordably) plan, execute and analyze all aspects of the Trade Promotion Management (TPM) cycle. Our cloud-based TPM platform provides the workflow, metrics, business logic, and analytics spreadsheets lack.

Headquarter Planning: Create a “top down” operating plan outlining volume, revenue, trade and profit objectives

Plan Promotions: Generate and approve trade promotions

Settle Funds: Clear deductions and allocate funds to individual promotions

Allocate Targets & Funds: Manage base forecasts and measure against headquarter ratios

Manage Funds: Update forecasts while tracking actual results

Analyze: Monitor and report on KPIs, including volume, sales, trade and profits

“There is no reason to continue with spreadsheets.”

Dale Hagemeyer – 2015 Market Guide for Trade Promotion Management and Optimization


CPGToolBox Trade Planner is the first and only Trade Promotion Management (TPM) solution featuring GPS for TPM: a next generation onboarding tool, change management aid and proactive on-screen tutor to accelerate user adoption. The debut functionality is designed to direct users through each step of building, managing and settling a promotion using a series of pop-up balloons and call to action buttons — without the need to change screens.

GPS for TPM is specific to each user’s role to improve the user experience, increase knowledge retention and maximize productivity within the CPGToolBox Trade Planner solution. That means less support requests and faster training times! Watch the video to see it in action!

Faster Implementation, Quicker ROI

Want a cost-effective option to gain greater visibility and analytics into trade funds quickly? Thanks to our agile, cloud-based platform, CPGToolBox has accelerated the onboarding process to four months. With our proven implementation strategy, manufacturers are generating an ROI quickly and avoiding:

A seven figure TPM software solution

Months of implementation and training

Dedicating IT resources to updates or installs Ecosystem

CPGToolBox is built on’s secure cloud computing infrastructure and architecture. This helps us stay one step ahead of evolving technologies, while you take advantage of the ecosystem, including calendar applications and forecasting tools. Our trade promotion software easily integrates with existing ERP and business systems and provides built-in reporting and dashboards. Your entire organization can quickly access critical, real-time data using any web enabled device and operating system.

Lower Cost of Technology Ownership

Compared to clunky on-premise enterprise software systems that require high overhead, CPGToolBox offers a cloud-based solution for a low-cost, low-risk annual subscription. You have access to user-friendly reports, intuitive dashboards and powerful analytics on an affordable, cutting edge platform that is simple to use and easy to learn.

 Gain a better, more reliable analysis of your trade activities with Trade Planner.

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